Device with 9 images made 3D

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Customize Device with 9 images made 3D
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Customize Device with 9 images made 3D
InColor x9 3D media player   ($1)+ $569

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Device with 9 images made 3D
Device with 9 images made 3D

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Why trust your project to crystal online?

  • All 3D Crystal companies make 3D. We differentiate because we focus on 3D that is Color.
  • Many holography products require special glasses to be worn. Our 3DColorCrystal unit enables you to enjoy ‘life like 3D’ from your photos without any special eye wear.
  • Unlike traditional 3D holograms that require special lighting conditions, our 3DColorCrystal units can be plugged in and enjoyed in regular lighting conditions.
  • And finally, where else can you get a custom 3D hologram without paying thousands of dollars in setup fees? Our 3DColorCrystal units are affordable starting at just $379.
Device with 9 images made 3D
from $1138 $569

This is the latest in holographic technology. See your cherished photos displayed in 3D without any need to wear special glasses. Our 3D Crystal holograms are so life like and real the image appears to pop right out!

Backgrounds are REMOVED by default. Select the ‘Add On’ if you wish to include your background.