About 3DCrystal

3D Crystal has been producing 3D technology and 3D photo crystal keepsakes since 2004. Our customers aren’t just happy, they are thrilled with what we make for them.

So, how did it all start?

Riyaz Datoo, the founder of 3D Crystal, loves laser technology. He started working on a solution to innovate and create his own spin on a 3D product that would amaze people when they saw what could be done with their photos, back in 1999. As digital photography became more available, Riyaz saw the 3D crystal as a natural solution for preserving sentimental moments in as life-like a format as possible. He has worked very hard to continue innovation year after year, surprising the industry with new techniques to make the product evolve.

Presented to Prime Minister Trudeau & President Barack Obama

Striving to deliver the best possible 3D crystals

Riyaz's passion for creating amazing custom-made 3D crystals has led to him and his team creating a revolutionary software, called Cockpit 3D, allowing any photo or image to be digitally enhanced into a high quality 3D format, ready for etching into any crystal size or design.

As such Riyaz teaches new entrepreneurs in the 3DCrystal space about 3D technology and how they can use the cockpit3D solution to make high quality 3D crystals for their markets globally.

This dedication to not only deliver the best product, but to be a leader and teacher in the industry has led to recognition by world leaders including President Obama, Prime Minister Trudeau, Prime Minister Harper, and many dignitaries including the Mayor of Markham and Richmond Hill.

Personal invite to Prime Ministers Office

Recognized Jay Leno Former host of NBC's Tonight Show

Custom project personally acknowledged by Mr. Warren Buffet of himself with his friend Mr. Bill Gates

3D Crystal founder Riyaz personally autographing

Limited edition 3D Crystals in France for the Bastille Day celebrations

Hockey Night in Canada Host Don Cherry, in Conjunction with Afexa, trusted 3Dcrystal.com for an order of 12,000 Pieces

Premium Quality 3D Crystals

Nothing comes close to a 3DCrystal

You may think that one 3D crystal is very much like any other, but it’s simply not true! Take a look at these two images, you can clearly see the difference between us and a competitor.

Our in-house artists work hard to create a real masterpiece - the results are 3D crystals with superior contrast between the light and dark areas, the best ‘pop’ effect to make your image stand out and the highest level of clarity in the details - a true work-of-art that will last for generations!

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3DCrystal - Multiple Award Winners

Winner Of The Business Excellence Award

3DCrystal are very proud to have been awarded the prestigious Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Innovation & Development.

This prestigious award recognises the hard work and talent behind 3DCrystal, not just of our great product and the innovation behind it, but also the business model that allows us to share our creations with our customers.

Winner of the Aspire Award

3DCrystal was proud to be the winner of the Aspire award for achieving great heights in ingenuity, customer service and quality of workmanship.

Winner of the Richmond Hill Innovation Business Award

Our philosophy is to live and breath perpetual innovation and continuously raise the bar. This leads to year over year movement in further enhancing product output and overall quality for our customers, as well as the many business owners who rely on our production infrastructure to support their business. For this reason 3DCrystal was recently awarded the Richmond Hill Innovation Business Award.